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Using the latest principles of gamification and brain science, Axonify is the world’s first eLearning platform that delivers learning in a fun, bite-sized and personalized way – driving bottom-line results.

The Axonify Game-Changer Learning Model

Brain Science

brain science

Working with researchers at the world-renowned Rotman Research Institute of Baycrest, the Axonify platform brings the latest principles of brain based learning into corporate training.

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Axonify delivers bite-sized content for fun, fast and ingrained learning that encourages repeating “right actions” in an engaging game experience.

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Adaptive Learning

adaptive learning

Axonify creates a personalized learning experience that automatically identifies and closes knowledge gaps on an employee-by-employee basis, adapting as each individual progresses towards mastery.

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Mind the Gap Whitepaper

Interval Reinforcement Whitepaper

Discover the science behind Interval Reinforcement and how it is transforming corporate learning.

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Mind the Gap Whitepaper

Mind the Gap Whitepaper

Find out how knowledge gaps may be harming your organization and discover seven strategies to help you close them.

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With the Axonify system providing daily learning and feedback, safety has become even more embedded in our associates’ business life and belief systems. We’ve seen good results in incident and cost reductions, and our associates are discussing safety and contributing their own ideas. Safety is constantly top of mind with each and every associate. The conversation continues, and our results show it. testimonial

Ken Woodlin
Vice President, Compliance, Safety and Asset Protection
Walmart Logistics